Hell is other other people

The Livejournal friends of friends view: a great way to find out that you’re two degrees away from some people you just can’t fucking stand!

11 thoughts on “Hell is other other people

  1. Why go a second degree for misery?
    This is why I pity anybody on my list. I’m not sure when I stopped posting interesting, funny observations and went into the ‘OH HOLY CHRIST I’M SO DEPRESSED’ shit. Probably when I left the Trave Lodge.
    Sorry if I somehow made you obligated to read my prattle by actually having coffee with me for a few years. I’ve been meaning to do something about that.

  2. friendsfriends is scary. On the other hand, I had a guy who would look at it all the time and then hassle me about who I had on my friends list, or complain about me cluttering up his friendsfriends page. Right, then! Easy fix for that one!

  3. this is why
    jean-paul is the name of the only stuffed animal i sleep with and i don’t wake and find him on the floor.
    this is also why i spend most of my time in “heaven”
    and by heaven i mean alone.

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