I shouldn’t have looked. Ugh.

I just spent about an hour going through Vice Magazine’s website, after reading a bit about it on other peoples blogs. What a piece of shit.

They’ve scoured the planet’s trendy nightclubs for the most privileged young people they can find, told them they’re special, and put them in a magazine to giggle in an oh so sophisticated way at the lesser beings below them. Every bad trend is there: pointless snark, kitsch, racist humor, rich hipster elitism, shitty trendy taste in music, yet more racist humor, and that awful self-satisfied sneer of the half-educated writer who’s never read anything longer than a cereal box.

If you took the meanness of the old Spy, the vapid trendiness of the old Details, the neocon triumphalism of Wired, and the masturbatory self-congratulation of Interview, you’d almost have this one. Maybe needs more Maxim to get the recipe right.

I can be this big of an asshole too, but I don’t go to work and put out a magazine about it, it’s just something that happens to me after 2 beers when I get thoughtless and mean.

Fuck you, Vice.

14 thoughts on “I shouldn’t have looked. Ugh.

  1. How Vice got past ‘s BS detector is beyond me. You seen that pic of Gavin McInnes wearing a Skrewdriver T-shirt with a Michael Jackson badge on it? Ferfuxache.

    1. I haven’t, but it sounds very VICE.
      Nonetheless, VICE does have some thought-provoking articles, and is more insightful than it looks on the surface, once you get over the obnoxious fuck-you attitude.

  2. when did that first come out? i remember reading it when i was in 11th grade, feeling deeply disgusted and writing a big, angry journal entry about hipsters, which i then had to turn in to my classical literature teacher.

    1. Yeah, I always thought Wired was a techy Playboy for GenX new conservatives. The fact that they worshipped George Gilder was telling.

      1. Oh, I didn’t mean nudies, just the attitude. But you’re absolutely right about Suicide Girls!
        And as usual you’re more reasonable than I about these things. I fly off the handle at publications that annoy me, but even the ones I can’t stand have some good writing in them.

      1. Answer Me! did have quite a bit of sense in it.
        So does VICE, sometimes at least. Though they beat it up to make it look sensational and bourgeois-sensibility-offending.

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