14 thoughts on “Thanks for reading and writing. And rock on, punks!

  1. omg ur ful of darknes/dispair but i dun think ur an asswipe…ur just reactin to teh profound hipocrisy & shrotsitedness of many conteporeary xtians, b/c lol their dum

  2. i like the 411 on 311. five or six years ago, some mormon bicycle guys came to my door and, upon seeing my 311 tshirt, one said, “hey, i used to really like 311 too, i saw them like three times! they were like my favorite band. that is, UNTIL I STARTED WALKING THE PATH OF THE RIGHTEOUS!”

    1. thank you so much for that
      I can now end lots of sentences with “UNTIL I STARTED WALKING THE PATH OF THE RIGHTEOUS!”
      So very excellent.

    1. It’s symptomatic of that disastrous culture that after a millennium or so of Western sacred music they avoid J.S. Bach, Aretha Franklin, Shaker hymns, Mozart, Mavis Staples, and the Carter family and instead insist on the whitest shittiest knockoffs of five year old pop culture.
      When I was still a churchgoer I really wanted a bumpersticker that said “Christian Rock is Neither”.

  3. Along with explicit lyrics on Pantera’s Official Live: 101 Proof, the CD liner shows a photo of the guys partying down with some hard liquor. Pretty disgusting.
    “Partying down”? Who says that?

    1. But Jesus drank and partied — the very first miracle he wrought was making wine for the wedding celebration at Cana! So what’s the problem?

      1. This is why I think “friend” is a bad name for the symmetrical reading relationship on LJ. Of course I’m your friend, and I’m happy to add you back. I just didn’t think you were reading me, and you rarely posted yourself.

  4. Hey–not all of it’s bad!
    Did you read the entry about the “I have a friend who likes the depressin’, depressin’ tunes of the Linkin Park”? The author actually makes a point to advise that the person’s friend might need be clinically (not spiritually) depressed and need professional help and/or medication! Holy crap! As a black sheep in an extended family full o’ evangelicals, I have to admit that this floors me. The man says outright that an exorcism might not help.
    Lucky fer me, I’s got Nick Cave and Tom Waits and 16 Horsepower so I don’t needs me no alternatives like I woulds n’ if I lissened to them thar dee-praved foul-mouthed types. 🙂

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