Patio days

Today was evangelical dating day on the patio. Lots of God Talk about relationships and godly men and women, with leaning forward. “You must of course have many men interested because you are a beautiful woman. God has led us to…”

I informed vegemitelover of this and he asked if blueberry pancakes wre involved, but no. Redfaced Bob wasn’t there.

Bob has now appeared, and in fact blueberry pancakes were immediately mentioned.

He is now trying to sell them on some sketchy “body toxics” blood tests and supplements and purifying purgatives, and has just diagnosed the woman with a Candida infection.

I wonder when the prepaid gas card will come out?

One thought on “Patio days

  1. blueberry pancakes! that is exactly what i would like to have now, having stayed up all night, at quarter to seven in the morning, before i go to sleep. just the way my grandpa used to make them on the farm. 🙂 (sigh, i don’t think i’ll be able to find blueberries in budapest, at least not at this hour on a sunday.)

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