I’ve got the dry ice and the syringes, so the party’s on!

The power went out and consequently everything in the Server Bathroom went down. I didn’t realize that a church like that would have testimonials, nor did I realize that people were supposed to cry during the testimonials. Their food tastes like dirt, like hippies made it. Bureaucracy is great; just look at Africa!

What will a couple of Goth girls do with a plastinated fetus, hang it from the mirror of their Jetta? I think we’ve inaugurated a Golden Age of Suck at work.

And I said, and I told him I said, look, I just said I need a note saying you’re responsible for damage, which you already are, and it’s 3 am and I’m going home, and of course it’s his footage, he’s going to get his footage, I just need that one little note which he doesn’t want to give me, and I tell you it was a learning experience although I’d learned all this intellectually before. Totally, exactly, totally.

i told her I was Orthodox, and she didn’t believe me, and it just went on like this for like an hour, and I couldn’t believe a 35 year old woman would be this way.

He perked up pretty fast when I explained that it was Federal because he’d done it through the mail. The place was packed with young rich white guys and the occasional girlfriend, you know, the “porn is mainstream now” crowd.

When the revolution occurs, it will be as a series of escalating workplace violence events. I can’t wait.

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