3 thoughts on “come back!

    1. Partly, it is a timesuck (which directly relates to the business–she is working crazy-loco-insane hours now–8 to 3 at the day job, now increased to 5 days a week, followed by a nap and the home job ’till the wee hours of the morning.) Partly, it is because LJ is emotionally draining. Some individual entries, perhaps not, but as a whole, it averages to be a bit of a downer between the posts and comments.
      I guess nobody out there in remote internet land really knows much because she didn’t post “Goodbye, my internet friends, forEVAR!!!!1!!!~!!

      1. Well tell her hi, and that I hope she stays in touch and reads from time to time when time allows. We’ll miss having her around. 😉

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