further signs of our decline

I just tried to send the_silent_one a link to a page at the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s website. She’s at work. Her WebSense don’t-be-bad-on-the-internet filter replied:

Cultural institutions is filtered.

Yes, yes they is nowadays. They sure is.

Edit: Get a load of their categories: http://ww2.websense.com/global/en/ProductsServices/MasterDatabase/URLCategories.php


11 thoughts on “further signs of our decline

  1. Ugh! Websense…
    That application can be nasty as hell….I can’t believe how corporations are starting to block practically everything that an employee sees….no wonder there’s more burnt outs then ever before….
    But dang! That’s just wrong…the Monterey Bay Aquarium??? sucks…

  2. I used to be a codemonkey for one of their competitors… and then did verification later after that to be sure the sites got identified “correctly”… its totally arbitrary and retarded. AND it tends to reflect the very specific cultural… and sometimes religious… views of the ownership parties who get to make the call.

      1. Yeah, you need the patch I submitted a long, long time ago in order for it to work on a “modern” PHP installation. I keep hoping that one of these days the author will return and accept the patch.
        Also, I believe it has to be run as an Apache module instead of an external CGI process (i.e. it will not work on Dreamhost). Somewhere around here, I have a stable version that works under CGI, but the install is more tricky, it involves an htaccess file, and I have yet to generate patches for it.

      1. That’s the one. Where to I enter my credit card number to see XXX H0+ N@K1D H@RDC0RE pix of you, Ryan, Owen, and your grandma?

  3. It seems to be cyclical. It is almost like it takes the “Top 10” of what categories people are looking at then blocks them each month.
    Key example: Banking and Shopping were blocked in January (right after the Holidays… interesting) then they were available February and March.
    Whatever they are doing it’s stupid.

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