12 thoughts on “Four pounds…

    1. I would seriously go to many more parties. Actually, the last time I had a party at my house I made a big pot of mac ‘n’ cheese but hardly anyone ate any.

      1. i need to find a way to hook into this mac and cheese party circuit.
        i had a doctor’s appointment today in which the doctor told me he thinks i might be lactose intolerant but haven’t realized it because i have a steady amount of dairy in my diet and have just been steadily sick. this is a huge tragedy for me if it’s true, because of the mac and cheese issue (seriously, right now i have about 10 boxes of kraft blue box mac and cheese in the pantry, plus like 4 frozen lean cuisines; i eat it ALL THE TIME), not even to mention the love i have for grilled cheese, cheese pizza, cheese ravioli… i don’t want my body to reject cheese.

      2. cheese 4 life
        You may still be able to have goat & sheep cheese if you’re trying to cut out lactose. Be of good cheer!

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