9 thoughts on “I can’t stop saying it

  1. I’d like to say I’d totally forgotten about Guy Mann-Dude, but it’s not true–I actually thought about him a couple of months ago. What did I think? I thought:
    Guy Mann-Dude. Heh heh. Guy MANN-dude. GUYmanndude.
    I remember when his first album came out. The label guy begged me to play it instore. I did, for obvious reasons. Derisive laughter fell from the sky like a gentle rain. Never have so many young late 80s hairmetalheads simultaneously agreed something sucked. Guy Mann-Dude is no Kip Winger.
    I wonder if, due to a Pakistani outsourced data entry error, his TV Guide comes to “Guy Mann-Boob”.
    Sorry, I’ve been up for like 30 hours, getting punchy.

  2. Holy cow! I remember him from the hair-guitar magazines I read in highschool. He was no Yngwie, alas.
    My years in Montreal make it impossible for me to not pronounce “Guy” the French way (“gee” with a hard g), which makes it even better.

  3. eeeep.
    I recall that I intended to, but never got around to, buy that CD. Looking at it now, I’m glad the music within holds no brain territory for me…

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