As if we didn’t have enough evidence

Ralph Nader is a waste of skin.

Editorial advisory: SchiavoFilter.

I wish for all the cable news guys and self promoters and circus barkers and junior pundits and demagogues and craven opportunists with opinions on this to have feeding tubes inserted deep, deep into them. The horrors of a modern death are enough without all this braying hypocrisy.

6 thoughts on “As if we didn’t have enough evidence

  1. It’s probably a waste of time to point out that the “horror” of this death is only happening because people are deliberately killing the woman?
    Therefore, isn’t it hypocrisy to call it a “horror” while at the same time denigrating the people who are speaking out and trying to prevent it?
    Just a thought.

  2. Also, the Supreme Court has declined this goofiness twice. The federal courts are also bound by Supreme Court precedent. Congress knows this. The whole Give it to the Federal Courts Bill is pure hypocrisy because the Supreme Court already said that the clear and convincing evidence standard used in the Florida state courts is Constitutionally a-okay. If anyone else trolling doubts this, check out the Cruzan case.

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