this was a stress management thing for him

Blake juror promoting six-song recording

LOS ANGELES – A juror who helped acquit actor Robert Blake of killing his wife is promoting a six-song recording he produced during Blake’s trial.

Roberto Emerick, 30, publicized his album, “Judgment Day,” during an appearance on CNN’s “Larry King Live” soon after the acquittal. Emerick said he has received hate mail from critics who accuse him of making money off Bonny Lee Bakley’s death.

“This was a stress management thing for me. This is how I was able to cope with the pressures of being a juror and not having anyone to tell about it,” he said Friday.

Emerick said he and his rock band, Mission in the Hills, recorded songs before he was summoned for jury duty. As the trial wore on, he realized he needed an outlet to express his feelings. Emerick said he rewrote and recorded new songs that focused on the trial.

The album’s title track looks at what Blake might have been thinking as he waited for jurors to reach their verdict.

Under state law, Emerick cannot receive more than $50 from the venture until at least 90 days after the trial. He plans to put the album on sale June 14 and is meanwhile offering free downloads from his band’s Web site.

“Show me all this money that I’m supposedly making,” he said.

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