15 thoughts on “reminder to self

  1. i’m expecting a letter from the management about my crushes on uncreachable, emotionally crippled men. =[ i don’t know if that has an age limit, though. damn.

  2. I disagree with The Management. Those are the best kinds of crushes to have. You will never be let down, disillusioned, you will never get together with these women only to find out later you never should have. They can always be held aloft and placed on pedestals never to be knocked down. I encourage the crushes on the inacessible and unreachable. 🙂

  3. One thing. Crushes are free. You need not have to deal with the brain-numbing discovery of someone else’s souless state, vapid conversation, questionable fashion, literature and cinema choices. Find someone accessible and entertain fantasy whenever you wish. Wait, I’m giving someone advice I should be following myself. Fuh.

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