hey internet

if any of you were considering “withdrawal from a serotonin mediating antidepressant” as a holiday or vacation project, I don’t recommend it.

ow my vespicular funditute. ow.

8 thoughts on “hey internet

      1. Ah, but now I remember they had one of those karaoke-booth-recording-studio-type things. That must be where this comes from. Holy crap, it’s disturbing!

    1. Fortunately it’s not quite that bad, not at least for me. I don’t get more depressed or anything, I just get some crappy neurologic effects: kinda dumb, light headed, sleepy, vision problems, and occasional twitching/zapping sensations.

  1. Been there, done that, one very nasty Christmas time. I remember standing among the crowds waiting for a bus, the carols cackling behind me, then suddenly I was a crow in a snow covered prairie.
    I got myself home by reciting this litany:
    It’s not lest we forget;
    It’s because we forget.
    P.S. Kava works. Seriously.

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