Six degrees of your really nice ass.

Tonight I saw someone that I sort of know, but she doesn’t know me at all.

This is because she is a friend-of-a-friend of mine, so I know a few things about her and I’ve met her very briefly once. But more importantly, it’s because she’s in my “Myspace” network, so the other day about ten mouse clicks into bored myspacery I ran across her page there, including her photos.

And this is why I was standing in line behind someone tonight thinking “I know just how good she looks in her underwear, but she doesn’t know that I know that”.

It must be really neat being a stalker nowadays.

4 thoughts on “Six degrees of your really nice ass.

  1. I remember when stalking was for the really obsessed, you know?
    Would kids today be willing to get their hands dirty, decoding someone’s secret love messages out of their discarded lipstick containers? No, they want it all at the click of a button. I think we’ve lost something there.

  2. Confssions of a Cyber Stalker
    I’ve used Google before to find information about someone I know, was about to meet or wanted to meet. Never came across any explicit pictures though. I used to find people’s “other” AOL screen names by searching for Profiles with phrases that they used in their known Profile. Some of these people have interesting hobbies for sure!
    I recall you sending me a link of a 10 year old with my name, so you must cyberstalk me!

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