any locals good at the sewing?

I just celebrated Crapmas a day light by opening up a package with scissors and neatly cutting into the shoulder of a t-shirt so that the left shoulder on top has a nice long slit in it. I don’t want to do the Flashdance thing, and the shirt is not replaceable (end of a limited run). Anyone locally here good enough at sewing to repair this for me?

If not I’ll just take it to the dry cleaners and get them to do it.

4 thoughts on “any locals good at the sewing?

  1. This can work.
    The Flasshdance thing has cycled back around. Done slightly differant this time of course. We’re not useing sweat shirts this time, just several layers of somewhat tight fitting t-shirts. All with differant sleave and waist lenghs. The top layer can be ripped in a flasshdance fashion. The colors are not quite as shocking as the 80’s, but still, each layer is differrant from the others. It should look random but still work together. Put on a “wife-beater”… make sure it hangs down lower then your new and improved ‘T’… that’s it… You’re in!

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