Troy McClure here for Glaxo

U.S. Marshals seized available supplies of Paxil and Avandamet (a diabetes drug) today because of repeated and continued violations of FDA regulations for quality and purity of the drugs. Hey, great going.

Quotes from the WSJ article:

Among the violations found in the FDA’s latest inspection, the statement said, were that Paxil CR tablets could split apart, which would mean that patients “could receive a portion of the tablets that lacks any active ingredient, or alternatively a portion that contains active ingredient and does not have the intended controlled-release effect.”

The FDA also found that Avandamet tablets didn’t have an “accurate dose” of rosiglitazone, which is one of the drug’s active ingredients.

Apparently Glaxo had agreed to recall affected pills and then hadn’t recalled them all.
You know you’re not doing well when the FDA goes after you during a laissez-faire right-wing government that’s anti-regulation. You know you’re REALLY not doing well when they stop just sending stiff notes and instead they send the humorless flatfoots with the bad haircuts and the guns to shut you down.

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