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    1. Ah, I thought it was being used only as a scraping tool for entries people wanted to preserve against future deletion. Now I see that it somehow grabs friends only posts. Does it piggyback against your auth somehow?

      1. Yeah. It’ll archive any post, not just yours, provided you have access to the post by being on the relevant friends-list. Then when the post is archived on frienditto you can make it public.

      2. Plus it allows for achiving to be done without attribution, so someone could reveal a locked post anonymously. Now, most people are just not that into trolling, but the ease, speed, anonymity and permanence of the site allows for impulsive moments of trolling (or even accidental trolling by legit yet inept users of the service). More importantly, the sneaky way the LJ Drama people rolled this out, and their scornful arrogant response to questions, indicates they were in it to stir shit from the start. It’s not like people had mountains of trust in LJ before, but they’ve managed to suck a little bit more of the fun out of it.

  1. The death of Frienditto?
    What I saw when I visited
    “You can donate to Frienditto!
    Frienditto’s operating costs have increased dramatically in the past 48 hours due to a massive influx of users wanting to view the site. This increased traffic combined with bandwidth costs is threatening the site’s continued operations. Additionally, the Frienditto service is now under severe legal duress due to being named in various actions. We appreciate any support large or small.”
    Thank you for your fealty,
    The frienditto team.

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