#6 from my list: Perry and Me

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What a strange time that was. Perry said that I looked like Jon Lovitz as the Liar, and he yelled on stage “FUCK THE READER, FUCK CONRAD HEINEY, AND FUCK CARY DARLING AND BAM MAGAZINE!” and later Cary and I met and went to lunch to toast our success at pissing Perry off. Still really glad his feces package didn’t make it. Still don’t like his stuff, although “Had a Dad” is a pretty fuckin’ tight song. Wasn’t surprised later that he got his band on heroin to keep them around.

2 thoughts on “#6 from my list: Perry and Me

  1. How seriously can you take a threat from someone who ended up pulling themselves off several times during the L.A. riots, anyway?
    I still enjoy the Jane’s Addiction albums, despite the preposterous man who sings on them.

  2. ooo, thanks–i was going to ask about that one (in fact, i thought i had, but i guess i hallucinated that last night–damned insomnia)…..
    of course, now i want to know about #2.

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