I don’t usually like LJ “memes” but this one allows me the indulgence of self-aggrandizing oneupmanship. So let’s kick it.

Ten Things I Have Done That You Probably Haven’t

  1. Seen a supersonic airliner crash
  2. Been sued by my psychotherapy clinic
  3. Got a get-well card from the French absurdist playwright Eugene Ionesco
  4. Been a passenger in a WWII-era Grumman Goose flying boat and landed on water
  5. Crashed America Online. All of it.
  6. Been the subject of a months-long campaign of hate by Jane’s Addiction singer Perry Farrell
  7. Lived ten years in Los Angeles without a car
  8. Had a warrant out for my arrest for jaywalking
  9. Fought rats in the dark basement of a Venetian palazzo
  10. Seen Charlie Chaplin in person

17 thoughts on “10

  1. I’m a wannabe you
    1. I knew someone who survived two commercial crashes.
    2. I knew the person who filed the first sexual harrassment lawsuit in the state of Idaho.
    3. Met Desi Arnaz.
    I know, I got a wayz to go.

  2. you’re all hardcore.
    also, #5 reminds me of the time at socially hazardous when i was asked to delete the whole internet and put it back again.

    1. There IS no letter after Z
      Funny, I was just going to mention that not only did I know someone who did number 5 (that sounds like 2 1/2 times dirtier than number 2), but he did also 😀
      As for the others, I’ve got nothing.

  3. Holy shit, man.
    You realize of course that you should be a memoirist or something.
    It’s THOSE sorts of things that make for a great eHarmony profile, in my opinion…

  4. #1 – Does witnessing an f-18 crash and burn on take-off count? Does it count if the plane lands on a community’s fuel supply lines, requiring an evacuation order for the town?

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