I don’t usually like LJ “memes” but this one allows me the indulgence of self-aggrandizing oneupmanship. So let’s kick it.

Ten Things I Have Done That You Probably Haven’t

  1. Seen a supersonic airliner crash
  2. Been sued by my psychotherapy clinic
  3. Got a get-well card from the French absurdist playwright Eugene Ionesco
  4. Been a passenger in a WWII-era Grumman Goose flying boat and landed on water
  5. Crashed America Online. All of it.
  6. Been the subject of a months-long campaign of hate by Jane’s Addiction singer Perry Farrell
  7. Lived ten years in Los Angeles without a car
  8. Had a warrant out for my arrest for jaywalking
  9. Fought rats in the dark basement of a Venetian palazzo
  10. Seen Charlie Chaplin in person

17 thoughts on “10

  1. I’m a wannabe you
    1. I knew someone who survived two commercial crashes.
    2. I knew the person who filed the first sexual harrassment lawsuit in the state of Idaho.
    3. Met Desi Arnaz.
    I know, I got a wayz to go.

  2. you’re all hardcore.
    also, #5 reminds me of the time at socially hazardous when i was asked to delete the whole internet and put it back again.

  3. This list would be difficult to top under most any circumstances. Should you care to elaborate, I’d be eager to hear the details.

      1. Yes, that looks like 10 topics for future posts. I’m particularly interested in how you crashed America Online.

    1. There IS no letter after Z
      Funny, I was just going to mention that not only did I know someone who did number 5 (that sounds like 2 1/2 times dirtier than number 2), but he did also 😀
      As for the others, I’ve got nothing.

  4. Holy shit, man.
    You realize of course that you should be a memoirist or something.
    It’s THOSE sorts of things that make for a great eHarmony profile, in my opinion…

  5. #1 – Does witnessing an f-18 crash and burn on take-off count? Does it count if the plane lands on a community’s fuel supply lines, requiring an evacuation order for the town?

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