9 thoughts on “Adam Duritz IS Chuck Barris.

  1. Christ, he reminds me of guys I would have ill-advised one-night stands with back when I was truly “college aged”.
    They were usually crap in bed. And their bedrooms smelled like goat.

    1. quatrociento y veinte
      “It seems that rather than reviving the revolutionary spirit of folk music, the industry has finally decided to cash in on the buying power of a major college-age demographic: the infuriating hemp-necklaced Abercrombie-clad faux-surfer bastards who are always raising their hands in your Spanish class and asking how to say “four twenty” as a means of pandering for high-fives to the retarded clones they consider friends. Who else but these idiotic, cultureless half-wits would be caught dead listening to somebody as unabashedly un-cool as Jack Johnson, or worse yet, the fish-faced Dave Matthews homunculus John Mayer?”
      Something Awful: Your Band Sucks

  2. My friends and I discussed the matter, and concluded that hte only possible explanation for his continued existence is that he is an extremely good lover. Also, who could kill a Fraggle in cold blood?

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