Punk memories

PRE TURKEY BLOWOUT. I went to this show. My friend Dan was way into the Misfits and this was Danzig’s new band, so off we went. JFA was really good, I remember they did their version of the Charlie Brown theme. Most of the rest of the show was total crap. Samhain did look cool, though.

The best part, though, was that since it was a pre turkey blowout, some maniac had brought some raw turkeys and hacked them up and thrown the bits all over the place, so in this dimly lit fucked-up Hollywood venue there was raw meat everywhere. Dan and I saw this one really big fat skinhead guy slip on turkey guts and fall on his ass, and get really mad but have no idea why he fell down, and then we were laughing and then he was mad and we hid.

I also saw this PiL/Butthole Surfers show. Public Image was great, and they did “Bodies” and “Pretty Vacant”. I hadn’t heard the Butthole surfers yet. Gibby had a bunch of clothespins in his hair and they were crazy and loud. I liked them.

Saw a lot of these shows too. I won’t individually link them because of Tripod’s fucked-up linking setup. Mmm, so nice to see those flyers again.

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  1. Ha. I remember that clothespins in the hair look. My first ever punk show was around that time. The Butthole Surfers opening for frightwig and Flipper. Conversation went like this:
    “Who are the Butthole Surfers?”
    “I don’t know, some art band from Texas.”
    but as soon as I saw ’em I bought their record.

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