Why do I hate freedom?

Because I think hiring a prostitute with a porn website as your shill fake reporter and then feeding him state secrets and letting him hang around the white house is TACKY. That’s why. (Please note: censored but still racy pictures of former “reporter” Jeff Gannon aka J.G. Duckert at that url.)

If we can impeach the last President for doing the bumpin’ uglies with an intern in the White House, why not impeach this one for giving espionage secrets to a rent boy with aliases and a $20,000 judgment against him who’s been hired under false pretenses to impersonate a reporter? If we needed lurid sex along with the dereliction of duty and violation of oath again, we got it now.

What’s necessary to take these bastards down? Do they have to reenact the entire 120 Days of Sodom on the White House Lawn on a squad of preschoolers, or something?

3 thoughts on “Why do I hate freedom?

  1. CNN’s live cameras capturing President Bush fellating Osama bin Laden in the Rose Garden wouldn’t be enough to bring this administration down. The media would just be “showing their liberal bias” by focusing on such things.
    (And I apologize for such imagery so early in the day.)

  2. If they do end up doing that, you can go down there with a video camera, and then I’ll go down there to sue them for copyright infringement for illicit public performance of my privately-owned nightmares.

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