You got to change your emo ways

I had too much wine last night so the day began slowly. However I did manage to solve a couple of technical problems after coffee. Went to D’s and read Clive James for a bit, especially on Orwell who fascinates me still lately. I want to be George Orwell when I grow up.

Ran into anariel and Julie, who are lovely and talented and my future ex-girlfriends. anariel made me realize what I’d missed not seeing Jonathan Richman last night. Rats. He’s so cool.

Had quite a talk with young Dave about the grimy, corrupt life of the small towns he grew up in, where five families ran everything and you got disappeared if you screwed with them. Red Bluff, CA sounds like something out of a Jim Thompson novel. And Bullhead City is a real nightmare, like “Chinatown” but without the glamour of a big city. Don’t open a restaurant or the Restaurant Gangsters will burn it down, etc. White supremacist skinhead gangs, brutal racist cops, bad schools, and nothing to do. He’s happier here.

I must not think bad thoughts, I must not think bad thoughts.

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