I like: Pizza; Sake; my cat; Ooiso’s spicy teriyaki rice bowl; Gypsy brass band music; verminefasciste; moderates; agnostics; disruptive influences; koi fish; rain.

I dislike: really, that’s not important right now.

I’m 40 and it’s not old enough to be nostalgic yet. You kids over there, stoppit.

Lonely is an eyesore.

5 thoughts on “Hello.

    1. After I saw The Wedding Singer, one of the people I was with said “You know, the fact that they’re making nostalgic movies about when we were in high school means that we’re old.”

      1. I was an 80’s kid too.
        I saw The Wedding Singer on a Saturday night, that just happened to be Valentine’s, with my parents no less. It was depressing on a number of levels.

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