29 thoughts on “tolkien con pics

  1. “Bri-Chan”? Got to love Americans (or other English-speaking roundeyes) who use Japanese pseudonyms and affectations to differentiate themselves from the jocks and preppies. They’re the wiggers of the geek world.

      1. I was talking about “Bri-Chan”, a Japanese construction (roughly synonymous with “Ms. Bri”). Now it could be that “Bri-chan” is Japanese, though it’s more likely that she’s a westerner who watched too much anime and decided to adopt elements of Japanese culture and identity as subcultural signifiers.

  2. wow
    so basically im inspired by this photo.
    i have gazed upon it innumerable times, and am continually amazed.
    just happened by searching for eye of sauron on google images.
    but i pretty much love this guy.

  3. Iconic
    My class loved this picture. We laugh every time we see it and she has become our class mascot!

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