We’re gonna have a tv party tonight (all right!)

Not too many people showed at D’s tonight, probably due to temperatures in the fifties with a brisk breeze. Too bad; the Gypsies were back (Pasíon Gitana) and they were really good as usual. The band has dwindled over the years from 7 or so people with a lead singer and lots of drum equipment to two guys and a woman who drums on a bongo and a box. Surprisingly they’re still captivating, especially the lead guitarist. As Jared pointed out, he’ll occasionally do something amazing on the guitar as a kind of afterthought while trotting through a flamenco number.

At one point Deanna turned toward me with her adorable innocent face wrapped in her jacket hood and asked me if dogs had a lifetime warranty. I had a good 30 seconds of what the hey before I realized she was saying “Docs” and referring to Dr. Martens boots. Mishearing things is fun.

They’re having a tsunami benefit at Detroit Bar and it’s comedy. And holy crap, they got David Cross and Patton Oswalt. Who woulda thunk it? February 20. Details here or elsewhere at detroitbar.com if that blows up. So that’s two Detroit events I’ll be attending in a month! How odd for me. But Jonathan Richman and David Cross aren’t regular visitors to west Costa Mesa.

I’m on an 80s California punk kick tonight.

Blood stains
Speed kills
Fast cars
Cheap thrills
Rich girls
Fine wine
I lost my sense I lost control I lost my mind!

9 thoughts on “We’re gonna have a tv party tonight (all right!)

  1. Hey I really want to go to that comedy things David Cross is my twin and Patton Oswalt is my soul mate its 6am and I cant fuction but when I fully awake remind me of this so I can get tickets.

  2. It is amusing to see that D’s is empty because of 50 degree weather.
    Yesterday I went out and looked at the temperature online before I did so. It said 6 degrees….but feels like -7 degrees. I went outside and thought…so this is what negative feels like….heh…

  3. I’ve always though Agent Orange were an under-rated band. They helped me make it through high school. and I just saw the Jump St. episode were the singer is an old, friendless punk dude trying to mislead the youth into fighting the cops!

  4. I was going to go by my friend’s house and pick up the music I need to learn and then go to D’s, but we pulled out guitars and got rather pleasantly sidetracked until way too late.
    I should be there tonight, though.

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