It’s you and me against the world, kid, she mumbled to herself

If it’s bittersweet you like, I’ve got half of that.

Today I marched through the false Spring leaning into an invisible wind. My red shoes, intended to cheer me up, were clean and neatly tied. I wrote a check for brain improvement, drank coffee, fought back waves of fear and horror, and cracked jokes. The following adjectives described me: glib, nuanced, dyspeptic, melancholy, narcissistic, irritable, anxious, fearful, itchy.

There was a madman walking up Dover drive as I arrived for therapy. He stopped to carefully comb his big bristly grey madman’s beard and then went back to humping it up the hill. Later he showed up at D’s and smoked in the corner looking like the wise homeless madman in a movie. However, I think he was just a regular madman.

You can’t be the chorus in your own play, it turns out. You’re stuck with “protagonist”. Stupid rule.

7 thoughts on “It’s you and me against the world, kid, she mumbled to herself

      1. no wait…i don’t want to narrate… i want to be the madman.
        except i want to be the madman in the corner wearing a bright red wig and singing another one bites the dust, over an over again off key while playing the violin.

      2. wow
        I was just listening to that song today, or rather a mashup of that on the Kleptones “A Night at the Hip Hopera”.
        Hi, Bingo.

  1. I’ve probably said this before, but damn, this is a well written post. Just the first sentence would have been outstanding, but it stays good. Yowsa, you’re a good writer. Thank you.

  2. Internet Relay Chorus
    I will chorusate you! I will walk on stage at key points and say stuff like, “He feeds his cat, but his true desire is to feed his own soul.”

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