“The guy had a municipal beard.”

(The Hives)++
(The Cirivellos Sisters)++
(Kappa Honda restaurant)++
(The Ford GT)++
(Onigiri with eel)++
(The waitresses at House of Blues Anaheim in general)++
(The Hives again)++

(The Lincoln Mark LT)–
(Suzuki America’s Spelling Skills)–
(The mixed flavors of Altoids gum and spicy jerky)–

Altogether this adds up to the positive. Holy crap the Hives are a great live band. Holy CRAP. Haven’t had so much fun at a show in ages. They did a Saints song which made me feel happy in my punk place. Huge thanks to the Cirivello gals for the late-notice invite. Also especially to redmaenad for driving and for introducing me to an incredibly good Japanese restaurant.

Had a great day with zebulon_y at the L.A. auto show. More about that later if I get my car geek on.

2 thoughts on ““The guy had a municipal beard.”

  1. I never listened to anything my parents said, and I never listened to anything my teachers said, and I’m rich. And I’m an asshole. I’m a rich asshole. And you love me for it.

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