The best cheese for this is the German Humpenkäse…

…but a nice Frottagine or some handmade unpasteurized Great Rutting works.

Tonight at D’s a fortyish man was trying to strike up a conversation with a couple of girls who looked about 15. One hopes he was just trying to feel with-it and youthful, but it could have been more sinister. Tamara reported that he was trying to talk music but couldn’t seem to get past 1992 or so “I like the Gin Blossoms!”. When he went to go get a refill the girls buried their heads in their hands and stared at each other with wild eyes of despair.

Tonight for dinner I made a really good soup out of: butternut squash, onion, carrot, lentils, sweet red pepper, ginger, and garam masala. I’m starting to like squash a lot more since I make it into soup rather than trying to eat it on its ownsome.

Is, or is not caffeine a physical addiction? It’s the only “drug” I can’t seem to quit. I can take or leave nicotine and alcohol, but if I don’t get my coffee it’s an ugly scene.

Zeb is gonna be here Saturday night. Who’s partying with us? I SAY WHO?

8 thoughts on “The best cheese for this is the German Humpenkäse…

  1. Caffeine is horrendously physically addictive. Anyone who says otherwise is high…on caffeine. My doctor ordered me off the stuff permanently a few years back, and it was excruciating. The headaches are the worst, mind-numbing things that no pain killer would touch. I had a lot of body aches and pains, was cranky as hell and my eyes were killing me for a week or two. It’s th headaches, though. If you ever have to kick caffeine, taper down as gradually as possible over a few weeks. A small demerol prescription wouldn’t hurt.
    That soup sounds fantastic. The creepy pedophile guy at D’s does not. Reminds me of David Cross in Ghost World only more so.
    Aigh! The Gin Blossoms! God, how many times can I apologize for helping get them signed?

    1. Why did your doctor order you off caffeine, and did you feel better once you had kicked it? I’m a huge coffee drinker and can’t imagine giving up the stuff, but I’ve heard it said that your energy level is much higher when you’re caffeine-free.

      1. It was an irritable bowel condition. (“bowel” is just a charming word, ain’t it?) Yeah, it was much, much improved after ditching the caffeine.
        I never drank much coffee, but I would drink, at minimum, a 2-liter bottle of soda a day. Often two or three bottles. And never, ever, did that foul swill water pass my lips. Now it’s pretty much nothing but water, which took some adjustment. I don’t know if I’d say I have a great deal more energy, but what energy I do have is more consistent. The cycle was brutal–I do miss those hugely productive caffeine-fueled peaks, but having steady energy all day is probably healthier.
        The icon, I confess, was a result of our brief conversation a few weeks back.

    2. He’s not a paedophile, he’s a teenophile. Still no need for grubby buggers like him, tho’, I agree.
      I type like I’ve been drinking, & I’ve not. Since Wedsnsnsday night, anyway.

  2. recipe? recipe? recipe?
    Caffeine sucks. That’s why I limit my exposure to it now. An occasional Coke, occasional bits of chocolate, decaf (very rarely laced with some of the real stuff).

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