9 thoughts on “Please help me plan

  1. The school thing sounds like “Go Full time and get another degree”, which I don’t think will achieve what you want.
    Moving to a new city sounds too much like running from your problems.
    Learning a new skill (Oracle, Woodcarving?) seems to be the way to go.

  2. DBAs get a bad rep, because most of them are retards. A *good* DBA is a beautiful thing. They also get paid pretty well.
    Oracle seems to be a real pain in the ass, though, so potentially yeah on the bitter angle with that. Just talk to mike about it sometime and watch him stew in his own juices.

    1. I’d assume bitter because it’s boring. Once you’ve redesigned all of the company’s databases, where’s the room for creativity?

  3. Random new city sounds like a bad idea. Unless it’s Vancouver, which is not too far from California, and you have friends here.
    I vote for exciting new career. Does it have to be Oracle though?

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