Key concepts

Just so we’re all on the same page and on message, here are the talking points and focus bullets for the current discussion:

  • Terrycloth monkey mothers
  • Gluten-free military units
  • The Rapture and pets
  • Open-source gardening: bête noire or shibboleth?
  • Sunsetting jam bands in your enterprise
  • What you don’t know about your child’s neckwear
  • Faith-based gateway drugs
  • Flan safety
  • Dietary Fiber and the Polisario Liberation Front: Four Rules You Need to Know
  • False Omelet Syndrome
  • The Bible Key to “Party of Five” episodes
  • Greek stuff

If you have any questions please ask your Coordinator.

6 thoughts on “Key concepts

  1. The Rapture and pets
    “Shurrup! Stupid dog!”
    “ARF! ARF! ARF!”

    1. Re: focus points
      “false omelette syndrome.”
      hee hee brian and i made some false omelettes last night for dinner.
      it’s not ebola, babe! it’s the “false omelette syndrome”. hahaha!

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