A new standard for infamy.

Bring me another Cocotini, boy, and tell those coolies to quiet down. We’re on vacation after all; this tsunami nonsense isn’t our business! And do something about that smell, will you?


From this week’s Economist.

8 thoughts on “A new standard for infamy.

  1. Come on, everything’s incredibly discounted! The room’s super-cheap, free beach furniture’s everywhere, and you can tip the bellboy in packets of UNICEF rice–they just seem so grateful! Plus if a corpse washes up on the beach while you’re sunbathing, your next Mai Tai is on the house!
    Western Values–Dig ‘Em!

    1. are they doing what i think they’re doing? having a vacation amidst the tsunami debris? jesus h. christ, that’s deplorable! i cannot believe it.

      1. exactly. the picture at first glance appears to be completely absurd, but you have to think one step further than that. those two on the beach are doing exactly what everyone over there is hoping that they’ll do; come back as tourists.

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