Edit: “Firefighters and other rescuers worked furiously Sunday to save a driver whose BMW plunged off Interstate 5 into a Southern California creek and got carried away by the swift current. The water was moving so fast that it tore the man’s pants off.”

9 thoughts on “CLONK

      1. Ahh. Pretty picture including a nice new set of boulder problems. Too bad it’s rarely that green and they are just gonna move the boulder to make way for movie stars.

  1. Global televised shrinkage
    The guy who ended up pantsless in the icy creek is from up here. One of San Luis Obispo’s most well-regarded optometrists, which is to say, more or less the only one in town. Since every day up here is a slow news day, Dr. Pantsless’ near-death experience has been replayed on the news about 1000 times since noon, especially the full-frontal portion. They haven’t added sound effects yet, but I’m sure it’s coming. While there’s a certain magic in seeing a rich guy pantsed by nature, I feel bad for him when he gets back to work.

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