Set the Controls for the Heart of the Weasel

mike: now that’s perfect for an alternative nightlife experience
confound: midget hobos
maciej: midget bacon hobo weasel
ignatz: dot biz
maciej: america’s favorite sport nutrition hobo weasel
confound: in a can
ignatz: low carb bacon weasel hobo midget
maciej: con queso
confound: america’s favorite low carb otherkin weasel bacon midget hobo nutrition whuffie
confound: let’s skip ‘low carb’ and go straight to ‘atkinsy’, mr. sulu
maciej: try new chunky style
ignatz: dive into midgets
confound: or classic original smooth
maciej: or creamy cracked pepper ranch
maciej: also tingly new crack pepper hemp
ignatz: raspberry chipotle midget bacon weasel salsa
maciej: organic!
maciej: shade grown by free-range swamp mexicans
confound: corn-fed swamp mexicans
***: ignatz has changed the topic to “shade grown by free-range swamp mexicans”
confound: delicious and fresh hand-squeezed tropical weasel bacon
ignatz: midget weasel bacon not from concentrate. contains sulfites and midget jizz.
confound: habanero midget bacon weasel spread available February 2005
ignatz: try our new monster bacon hobo thickburger with midget sauce
maciej: port wine processed bacon hobo midget weasel food log
ignatz: Midget Beef Bacon Butter Stick
maciej: I Can’t Believe It’s Not Midget Beef Bacon Butter
confound: warning: midget beef bacon butter may contain peanut parts
confound: holiday hobo weasel biscuit gift pack
maciej: premium aged hobo weasel bacon of the month club
confound: dutch hand-polished micro-hobo weasel bacon energy bar
ignatz: Unsulfured bacon midgets with less than 5% weasel parts. Processed in a facility that also processes cocksuckers.
maciej: partially homogenized bacon hobo meatlets
confound: potted midget weasel bacon and mechanically separated hobo chicken meat food product
confound: new halloween midget bacon flavored Peeps(TM)
ignatz: pasteurized process midget hobo cheese food spread with natural and artificial flavors and poo
confound: contains 581% US RDA of hobo weasel bacon
maciej: do not taunt midget bacon hobo weasel
ignatz: make her bacon your weasel tonight midget hobo 3259x5kgg

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