holy crap

That quake in Indonesia was an 8.9. I can’t even begin to imagine 8.9. I was 60 miles or so from the Northridge quake (6.7) and it scared me silly.

And then a 10 meter high wall of water arrives across the Ocean in Sri Lanka. Brr. Tsunamis frighten me. I have nightmares about them.

8 thoughts on “holy crap

  1. Pr0kland, Oregon is supposed to get an 8 someday. I live just south of the West Hills, where three major fault lines run together, where we haven’t had anything worse than a 4.something in ages. One of these days, Alice, one of these days.
    I actually do have suppemental earthquake insurance on my house. Not sure it’ll mean much if we get a city/life razer but…

  2. God, 8.9 is unbelievable. What freaked me out last year was that the San Simeon quake was very close in magnitude (six point something) to the Bam quake in Iran a couple of weeks later, but the body counts were 2 and 30,000, respectively. I’ve never been so grateful for seismic retrofitting and, you know, the dumb luck of being born here…

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