2 thoughts on “Car geek story

  1. very nice… I checked out the mustang GT today… nice… Little skimpy on the dash, but they gave it a tastefull retro feel that harkens to the late 60’s dashes… Comp green here I come!!! But black racing stripes on the green… or go white with Shelby blue stripes???
    Interesting the the g35’s engine is there considering it is virtually identical to the 350’s engine minus 7 horsepower. And the exact same block as the maxima, altima 3.5, Murano 3.5, and all the other Infinities that havea 35 in the name. I thought although I may be wrong that the Maximas, g35, and 350 where basically the same with slight programming mods for horsepower giving some differentation between the cars.

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