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Courtesy nrrd, here’s the Great Sausage Fanout of 2004. (NYTimes, use bugmenot if you don’t want to register.)

I’ve mentioned bzzagent before here, a couple years back I think. It’s pathetic to be a secret agent for marketers to start with, and even more pathetic when all you get is “points toward cool products”. If I’m going to sell out all my personal relationships and go into permanent shill mode, I want some serious cash please. That’s what the financial services business is about!

Imagine going around pushing sausage on your friends (lol pushing sausage lol), promoting it to grocery store clerks, reporting on everyone to the mothership, and being an ENTHUSED SAUSAGE ROBOT all so you can earn 30% of your way to an iPod.

We are all insurance salesmen now, and we’re underpaid.

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