“You can’t get A&W Root Beer anywhere in Mosul.”

Looking through the wants and needs of soldiers on http://www.anysoldier.com/ is heartbreaking. All these kids over there wishing they had an XBox instead of incoming RPGs. Ugh.

Of course they want candy, hygienic supplies, movies, music, consumer batteries. They also ask for pistol holsters, decent optics, working hand tools, and socks.

Dear the Government:

Please raise my taxes 10% and use the money to equip our soldiers properly so they are not charging into battle waving a spork at the enemy while wearing substandard battle armor.



In the meantime I guess I’ll send the poor guys some candy.

One thought on ““You can’t get A&W Root Beer anywhere in Mosul.”

  1. Early on in the war there were a bunch of dads and uncles and brothers surfing unfamiliar gun boards looking for help buying their iraq-suffering family member an appropriate CQB sight, EOTechs, AimPoints, etc. “Hi, I’m supposed to come to this message board and ask you guys where I can get a decent deal on an “E O TECH sight”?? I am supposed to say that it is for an M4 with an 18 inch barrel.”
    I mean, come on, if there’s one thing you can give them it’s a fully functional weapon. BEFORE they get into combat is a plus.

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