Things others get, that I do not

  1. Taro anything
  2. ”Zines”
  3. Carrying around a little dog
  4. Dave Eggers
  5. Toilet humor
  6. How to work console video games
  7. Sundried tomatoes
  8. Eggnog “latte”
  9. LARP
  10. Marijuana

8 thoughts on “Things others get, that I do not

  1. #3: Tito Puente. If you are not Tito Puente, put down the chihuahua.
    #6: I only know how to work the boring ones. The shooty runny insanity ones make my wrists hurt.
    I don’t get the others either. Especially sundried tomatoes. I mean, I’ve had them reconstituted, and that’s ok… but why not just use tomatoes then? Confused.

  2. Unless the console video game in question is a late 70s Atari 2600 series, I’m right there with you. A joystick with more than one button is overkill.
    I confess I did kind of publish a “zine” at one time. I mean, we never called it that, so maybe it wasn’t one. It was a combination of viciously amusing news satire and more or less the kind of pointless, idle observations I make everyday in my livejournal. I would have saved the xerox money and put it online at the time if I could have hacked the ARPAnet with my Commodore Vic-20.

  3. I’m with you on everything but zines. I very much like the idea of independent publications. Sure there’s bound to be a shitload of useless crap, but such is the price of free speech. Ideally the “zine” would be used to spread truth in a world where truth is owned by the wealthy.
    Clamor is sometimes still considered a “zine” and is one of my favorite publications. I imagine the entire aim of the zine is to become a full fledged magazine.

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