The New Global Planet We are Living In At This Time

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vegemitelover reports that the most notorious bathhouse in Portland, OR now has a sign outside advertising “Free WIFI!”. He mentioned it twice, actually. The boy ain’t right.

Wi-Fi is now available, according to a sign, in both local branches of Der Wienerschnitzel. Corndogs + TCP = PROFIT!

Beer. Bait. Wifi.

5 thoughts on “The New Global Planet We are Living In At This Time

  1. The local Subway also offers free WiFi. Additionally, several local bars offer free WiFi–places that I would feel uncomfortable bringing a nice shiny laptop to (but fortunately, the Zaurus works out okay in those situations.)
    Bathhouse???!?!? What about that whole electrocution thing? I was not even aware there was a bathhouse up here.

  2. actually, i had a friend take a picture of that wi-fi sign in front of the bathhouse, and i set it as the orkut portland community’s icon.
    a couple subways have wi-fi, probably like 5 or 6 bars. thank the tireless whoring of my fellow personal telco members.

  3. “Soon I hope to be ON MY KNEES in a REAL HOMO BATHHOUSE”
    What next?
    Picture it:
    Adult video; Individual viewing booths; Wifi!
    Surf porn while whatching porn!

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