mashup when you crashup

Alone in a crowd /
Home is where I wanna be but I guess I’m already there /
Your eyes are almost dead, can’t get out of bed, and you can’t sleep /
Don’t need a cure I need a final solution /
You’re a hard act to follow /
He lies on his side is he trying to hide in fact it’s the Earth which he’s known since birth /
I’ll blame it on the sun, the sun that didn’t shine /
At least I’ll get my washing done /
lonely is as lonely does /
last night everything broke /
open the drawer give me the change you said would do me good /
it’s me and you against the world kid, she mumbled to herself /
he only comes out when I drink my gin /
you’ll be someone else’s baby and i’ll be underground /
If you feel like a patient why not dress like one /
wrapped up in the links of your very own chain of sorrow /

If you really mean it, it all comes round again.

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