Dear the Internet (and many livejournals)

Why do you force small font sizes? Why do you put a font size=2 in your site/journal? It hurts my eyes. Just do that in your CSS so you see it that way, and let the rest of us read.

I hate small fonts so much. Please let us read things the way we prefer.

Especially all of you haxor kids being very 1998 with your tiny white or green font on black background. Very K-Rad, Neo. Had you ever considered that the web could be used for communication as well as looking spiffy?


7 thoughts on “Dear the Internet (and many livejournals)

  1. What better way to express your misery on the internet than with a small font? If you use a regular font size, how will people know that you are really, REALLY depressed?
    // – internet user – \\

    1. Thanks, yeah I do that too. It works on almost everything except a few people who manually insert the font tags just to be special. But it does strip out all those delightfully artistic LJ styles.
      It’s those people who take the extra special care to make things unreadable that make the cyberdifference.

  2. You don’t UNDERSTAND my VISION
    Yeah, and they don’t get that anyone else wants to keep theirs, so why bother to learn to do it right?
    Speaking of CSS, you may be able to cancel out crappy (and deprecated, btw) font tags. I can’t think of a simple and effective way off the top of my head, but I’m no .

  3. dumb term 4lyfe
    green on black is the mostlegible thing ever. My browser automatically over writes all other font color combos and displays everything in green on black so that i may read it. My xterms are green on black. My email is green on black.

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