1. Some dumbass is drinking nothing but “Pepsi Holiday Spice” for 45 days:
  2. Pepsi Holiday spice actually exists:
  3. There are recipes on the site that can be made with this “beverage”

When the fall deepens and the blustery winds throw the brown leaves in my face, I know it’s time for a tall cool glass of Pepsi with hints of cinnamon and ginger in it. And 30 seconds later, I know it’s time to barf my guts out as I desperately try to dial “911”.

6 thoughts on “No.

  1. I’ve tried Pepsi Holiday Spice, like childlabor I coulnd’t really taste a difference.
    But the sugar quantity is ALOT more than normal Pepsi, for starters it has like 20 calories per serving more than normal Pepsi.
    Drinking it for 45 days would be the road to obesity.

    1. OK, after reading the blog, I retract that statement — the dude’s got uncontrollable diarrhea, blood in his urine, etc. He’s also a racist moron. We might see him in this year’s Darwin Awards at this rate.

  2. We’ve tried it. Both stimps and I had a sip and then we poured it down the sink. Basically, we both agreed that it would make a decent ham glaze, but as far as something you’d actually put in your stomach goes, it’s pretty foul.

  3. “And my mind just turns to Pepsi
    and I think of it a lot.
    My Swiss Miss is too impure,
    and Kool-aid is too hot
    When Constant Comment won’t shut up
    I turn to a bigger cup
    of Pepsi,
    Drink it up”
    – Negativland, ‘Drink it up’

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