Year zero

The following groups are currently nonhuman and may be despised, ostracized, robbed, and if possible killed. For reference see the history of the word “outlawed” in English common law. In general feel free to abuse people in these categories in any way you see fit, since by their membership in a despised class they have forfeited all rights.

  • Drunk drivers
  • Homosexuals
  • The French
  • Muslims
  • Anyone else who “looks like” a Muslim
  • ”Liberals”
  • ”Gang Members”
  • ”Drug users”
  • Illegal immigrants (nonwhite)

NOTES: This list has been amended since the 1980s to remove Japanese people and communists. It may be permissible to hate all nonwhite immigrants under the “those people” clause; please check with your cadre. Before taking advantage of the hate list please also make sure you have the latest list, as updates and corrections may always occur.


11 thoughts on “Year zero

  1. One of these things is not like the other
    Wouldn’t comparing “drunk drivers” to “homosexuals” and such be a fallacy? After all, drunk drivers do kill or injure innocent parties through their decisions, and no sane person would deny this, something that can’t be said for homosexuals, liberals, witches, Jews, or other scapegoat groups.
    “First they came for the drunk drivers, but I did not speak out, because I was not a drunk driver.” – Pastor Niemoller

    1. Re: One of these things is not like the other
      You’re right, they’re not parallel. I was just listing classes of current nonhumans.

    1. bonzi buddy has a silverado
      yours is more comic than mine
      my own list is about a third comic and the rest deadly serious, so I won’t post it

  2. 6/9
    I have biked home tipsy, I’ve smooched and more with other guys, I speak French, I look Arab, I’m a liberal, and I’ve used drugs. Can anyone beat me?

    1. Re: 6/9
      You may qualify for safety as a token non-person in several official events required to deny current trends. Report immediately to a processing centre.

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