Remembering Mike

Another death of someone I only knew of online reminded me of Mike Arietano.

In 1990-1991 I was a constant presence on the CompuServe rock ‘n’ roll forums. There were a lot of interesting smart people there, and it was the good kind of music discussion where we turned each other on to new things and had a hilariously good time making fun of crap.

My favorite guy was Mike. He was obstreperous, outspoken, funny, and genuinely excited about music. His writing style was an homage to Richard Meltzer and Lester Bangs mostly, but was definitely Mike’s own. He released a text filter that produced lovely bastardized text. And he wrote really well about music:

Some time in 1991 Mike got really tired driving home from a show and drove into a tree. I still miss the guy. Glad someone archived him.

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