Just like old times

I just finished croc-wrestling a friend’s server for a few hours as a side gig. It was so dot-com! There I was editing configs on the live box and restarting services all over the place. I think I did him some good and very little harm, anyway.

I always feel very Ghostbusters signing on to someone’s computer that’s sad and finding problems and fixing them. It’s partly just an ego boost but mostly the excitement of a new problem to solve that makes me happy.

Speaking of film, I had the opportunity to see Master of the Flying Guillotine again last night. Now that is some kung fu movie. It has everything: deadly flying hatbox, evil old man with tremendously long eyebrows, racial stereotypes, bad music, impossible anatomical feats, people flying, and comic eating scenes. do_not_lick pointed out that kung fu movies all seem to have at least one comical noodle or soup eating scene, which I hadn’t noticed before.

I drove 100 miles today for a meeting that didn’t happen. Existential agony is alive and well in the #1 lane of a freeway near you.

2 thoughts on “Just like old times

  1. Do you show up wearing a jumpsuit with an unlicensed nuclear accelerator too?
    Usually when I log onto someone else’s server and fix things my first thought is usually “Boy someone didn’t know what they are doing”

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