5 thoughts on “I wonder where I can get bumper stickers printed up

  1. no self-respecting redneck will risk getting spattered fag juice on his yosemite sam “back off” mudflaps, mr. substitute, sir. the standard immolation or tree lycnhing will suffice.

  2. funny story of the eve.
    so last night we were coming home and there is a HUGE fucking truck parked in the guest spot in our apt. complex. when i say huge, think MONSTER (it could be in weekend beer-swigging motorsports, really). the license plate says “GAYLORD’S” in very large print. also, “Gaylord’s” is featured in print through out the vehicle (decals, etc).
    of course, i flip out. i NEED to take a picture. i whip out my phone, and the owner of the truck (with two girls in tow) comes around the corner and starts laughing at us. we all end up laughing hysterically.. i can only hope that he sees the humor in the name of the company that has made his truck “tits”.

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