Correction and amplification on earlier post about leaving the U.S.

Were I gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgendered I would be throwing darts at the map to figure out where to move. No joke.

12 thoughts on “Correction and amplification on earlier post about leaving the U.S.

  1. Why would you do that? I’m sure Bush will find a nice island somewhere for all the gays to go do their gay things and live their gay lives. Plus, what if you miss with the darts and hit some wood, where will you move then?

  2. as someone who’s pretty much all of the above, i was going to say something to that effect. but you’re my barry goldwater today, ignatz–in my heart i know you’re right. i’m going to stay and fight, at least until california goes the way the red states are going or until the marriage amendment is tacked on to the constitution. at that point i’m out. but for now, we stay and fight the bastards by any means necessary.

  3. Except for that whole matter of legal documentation not matching one’s gender presentation, world travel is looking like a tasty option. However, I’m sure the nice security people in the Hlaghistania airport would take great pleasure in a cavity search.

  4. Funny. I sat down to lunch, thinking about the thread that your previous comment brought about. I fully agreed with your conclusion, but realised there was something more to be said.
    I decided I would come back and post the following: While it’s true that Canada is not nearly far enough away from the US as one might like, one can still sit topless in the park in Montreal on a July afternoon, listening to the tamtams and sharing a doob with one’s lesbian fuck-buddy.
    So feel free to come and visit, at least. 8^)

    1. I kinda miss the tam-tams despite the whole fragrant hippie vibe.
      Now in Vancouver, you can get married to your same sex lover on a nude beach whilst smoking extremely potent pot, fifteen minutes from downtown, in pristine natural surroundings.
      Beat that!

  5. My mom called me this morning crying. She just doesn’t understand, deep down, what she and Cindy have done to make all of these people so hateful. It made me so fucking angry I wanted to smash people. Congratulations all you fuckers who voted for Bush. You made a 60+ lesbian shrink who has done more good in this world than you ever will cry.

  6. Although my comments address things brought up in the Canada thread, this seems a more appropriate place to post them.
    Whenever someone pulls up a Holocaust card in an argument, I ask how many Jews died at the hands of the Germans? They have a fairly good idea. Most other groups? Same. Homosexuals? No one knows. In the eyes of those otherwise exacting Nazis, homosexuals weren’t worth counting/documenting on the way to the camps and ovens.
    Do I feel like I’m living in 1933? You bet. All this election did was give a mandate for hatred. Hatred is okay again. The police state is okay again. That’s what troubles me the most about the results state to state in this election, and cannot be overlooked. In 1964, Goldwater campaigned on the theme of “in your heart, you know he’s right.” Forty years later and where are we? “Compassionate” neo-conservatives who know in their hearts it’s okay to hate. Yes, that’s harsh. But it’s no different than what we’ve been dealing with since the Year Dot in one form or another. And then everyone is so surprised when the hatred is returned. The effects of hatred last not lifetimes, but centuries, and validating in one’s heart it’s okay to hate is the seed.
    The validation of hatred towards homosexuals are just the tip of the iceberg. The canary in the mine, so to speak. I hope the rest of you are shuddering in your boots at where the U.S. is headed before it’s too late, because they’re coming for you next.

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