One thought on “I for one welcome our clown-loving satanic overlords

  1. the sad part is… im sure some halfwit republican with a computer was sitting around scratching his balls and came up with this thought process.
    “hmm i wonder what i can do personally to win the election for my man George? That Kerry fella, he’s gonna take away my gun, I’m not gonna let that satanic bastard do such a thing, and let him let the homo agenda get through! Hey! thats a good idea, im halfway decent with photoshop, i will photoshop a picture of him together with Satan!!! Hmm.. but you know, people wont really believe that. I wonder who rules the satanists? ::google:: Anton Lavey. Ok, I’ll photoshop a picture of those two together!!! and then I’ll circulate that!!! that’ll fuck those democrats, and I can keep my gun and keep the homos out of Texas!!! “

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