Ted Williams’ Frozen Head Compels You!

I received today an email from our “IT Training Group” advertising the opportunities to improve our skills. The classes included Windows XP, Word, PowerPoint, and finding your ass with both hands.

The email was sent without a subject line and to a carefully typed-out list of all employees rather than to the “all office” mail alias. I think someone needs to take Intermediate Outlook, pronto.

In other important news: You can now buy a Belle and Sebastian trucker hat; Ted Williams’ family are fighting over his frozen corpse; Nick Nolte has a blog; and Playboy Magazine is instructing people on how to have sex in a Mini.

You can hardly hear the guns over all this din. Six guys just got whacked by a bomb somewhere in Iraq.

2 thoughts on “Ted Williams’ Frozen Head Compels You!

  1. I finally heard Belle and Sebastian last weekend.
    Utter crap unless you spend 85% of your waking hours buying drapes and 15% happily poking a Hello Kitty doll with a tampon.

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